So, like they say….everything good must come to an end!

In the last few weeks, we have interacted with several businesses and they rendered such exceptional service that I honestly became used to receiving great service experiences until this morning.

So I visited BLD Lekki 1, Lagos at about 10:45 am.

The host/waiter towered over me; picture the leaning tower of Pisa ….

Lest I digress, he ushered me to a seat and left for a few minutes before returning with the drinks and meal menu’s respectively. The menus were not properly made and looked quite worn and dirty.  To be honest, I would have let myself down quickly if someone took the initiative to let me know that a good number of the popular items on the menu were not available. I scanned the menus quickly and ordered BAE with Pancakes and a glass of Orange Juice (Bacon and Eggs = BAE)

The level of unprofessionalism was quite appalling as the staff at all levels spoke very loudly to one another. The scent of the kitchen assaulted my senses (pun intended) – not in a good way. My drink arrived at my table 7 minutes after it was ordered. This was orange juice out of a pack with ice cubes that somehow did not become cold after 20 minutes of slow sipping (yes I timed it and I was alarmed as you probably are too).

The meal was served 27 minutes after.

The pancakes were like Masa made out of all-purpose flour that was dependent on baking soda for flavour. The scrambled eggs were depressing, that is all I am willing to say about that. The only thing that was right with this plate was the Bacon. To top it off, they had hidden a burnt pancake at the bottom of a stack of three pancakes, I will like to assume that they were hoping that I wouldn’t see it or get to it, but I did and felt quite insulted.


After trying out everything that was put on my plate, I signalled the waiter/host and told him I wasn’t pleased with the quality of service or food. He was immediately apologetic and asked that I hold on so that he could speak to the Chef about the complaint. As the waiter cleared the table; I asked that he put the drink in the fridge until the new meal was served.

The host came back to apologise on behalf of the Chef and then the Chef came to inform me that he wasn’t around when I was served and that he would like to remake the meal. I informed them that I was there to do a review and that I would be happy to give them a chance to do over.

They promised me another meal that was to take 8 minutes but in real time took 20 minutes and tasted terrible too. My half glass of juice was never returned to me.

After waiting for 10 minutes to get the attention of the waiter, I made to pay my bill except there were some hidden charges and no one was willing to explain what those charges were.  When I asked for the manager, I was told that he wasn’t in the establishment.

To put the icing on the cake, the Chef approached me while I settled my bill and asked if the meal was okay. I told him that I was honestly not pleased and he replied me saying: “umm, okay and walked away).


Let me just say, that I will not be visiting the establishment for a while and I will not be recommending their services either.

Thumbs down for poor communication, poor service, poor work ethics and bad business management.

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