Hacks for Outstanding Interaction Experiences

We know, we know.  We missed you too*sending Virtual hugs to you all* ….but we are back.

While we are still reeling from a successful training week, we wish to thank you for your support as we prepare for another exciting programme that you can be a part of.

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Now to the business of the day…………….

Imagine you knew just what to do if you woke up and realised that you were sleeping on a bed of snakes, or if you woke up to a sign on your wall that says don’t look back, there is a lion in the room.

Okay, maybe not all of life’s situations are as dramatic as these scenarios but some situations escalate really quickly and it is important that one is somewhat equipped to deal with difficult situations as and when they arise. The key to being prepared is simple: BE PREPARED.

Thankfully, this post is really about how to be prepared to manage your emotions and responses in situations and how this can influence others to engage with you in a way that you may prefer.


Firstly, do a Pre-mortem: If you are a business owner or about to set up a business, ask yourself questions: What are my customers likely to ask of, how can I accommodate them?, What are my staff likely to ask for and how can I accommodate them, what possible problems might there be and what is the procedure for conflict resolution.

You can apply the same to more personal relationships; i.e. before asking your friend to do something; you want to first set the stage by getting that person in a good mood and being prepared to answer any questions they may have about your request.

Secondly, work on your mind: The state of ones’ mind is easily reflected in their non-verbal communication i.e. body language. This means that you can learn to understand the things that trigger negative emotions and control how you approach situations that may be ridden with negative emotional triggers. For example: if you know that you don’t like  to conduct business in an environment that smells stale, you may decide to set procedures that include airing your place of business before you open up to customers. That way, you have dealt with the problem and you have eliminated a likely stressful situation.

Thirdly, work on your body:  For example, if I approach a counter with a number of service staff present, I am likely to go through a judgement process like this:

  1. Who is closest to me (proximity)?
  2. Who is smiling or looks relaxed?
  3. Who is sitting/standing in correct posture and looks like they are ready to help?
  4. Who is dressed properly and paying attention to my presence?

These questions will easily influence my choice of an attendant. I am likely to choose someone who is neatly dressed, looking in my direction and perhaps closest to me. These questions can be very quickly answered by the individuals and how their bodies have communicated with me. I am likely to be convinced that the person that I choose to approach will be friendly, attentive and ready to do what it takes to help me.

What is most important to note is that we are always looking out for the non-verbal communication of others and they in turn are on the lookout for our own non-verbal communication.

Some tips to help improve your interaction and communication experiences include:

  1. Don’t interrupt while someone else is speaking
  2. Speak gently and confidently
  3. Be empathetic
  4. Observe the rules of etiquette
  5. Smile as often as you possibly can



Remember, your silence cannot be misquoted and there are no laws against patience, kindness and self-control!










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