A smile they say is a reflection of how and what you truly feel inside. A smile goes a long way and stays a long time. It is a universally understood language that knows no limitations. When a smile is shared; it creates a positive feeling in both parties, and it reassures the receiver. Its magical pull somewhat coaxes the receiver to do the bidding of the giver.

Welcoming customers with a smile should be the first priority of the staff and management in any establishment.  The first step to connecting with your customers is by making certain that your staff inculcate the habit of sharing genuine smiles with customers;  ‘genuine’ being the focal point in this sentence. Sharing fake smiles can do more damage than you realize. A customer’s satisfaction increases when they receive genuine smiles. This is because they often point out how valued they feel when they receive a genuine smile. When you feel you are just being processed; there is no connection, therefore, loyalty is lost on the part of the customer.

The most important yet basic skill is to TRAIN your staff to SMILE at your customers, the smile may seem very little, but it usually means the most at the beginning and end of each and every interaction or transaction. The customer loyalty and profits fall in line with the rest of transaction once the tone has been set.

Picture this, Mr. A, a wealthy businessman walks into an establishment and he is welcomed by a grumpy young woman, and Mr. A was planning to invest a ton of money in the company if you were Mr. A, what would you do?

Everyone loves a smiling face….a business will grow if the staff treated their customers with a dose of healthy, genuine smiles….stay smiling!



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