A refreshing experience that thrills all the senses.….

There is something about the natural lighting in the space that just gives you a new lease on life (okay maybe that was extra). I literally spent the whole day there and my energy levels were great! I felt like superman.Casper and Gambini’s was very airy and quiet as I walked in with my colleague.

We were seated by a very professional and neatly clad lad. I loved how he wore his uniform with pride and confidence as did his colleagues. We were given the menus and as we took our time to settle in, the attendant kept a very reasonable distance, observing us until it appeared as though we were ready to order.

The drinks were brought 5 minutes in and the food was served exactly 5 minutes after the drinks were served. As for presentation, timeliness, flavour and the scent……can we just swooooooooon. Sigh

Chomp, chomp, chomp… We hardly spoke as we were really about minding our table manners.

Speaking of table manners, the staff at Casper and Gambini had such great table side manners, calm, courteous, energetic but not overpowering and extremely thoughtful. Even when they got busier as the day went on there was no tension and they attended to customers quite efficiently.

There was no point of sale issue at all, bill, POS machine, swipe, receipt and a thank you!

Thank you Casper and Gambini’s, Keep up with the great service, we’d be back.



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