#30Watt Encounters: Café Neo

So, today, one of our team members will be sharing about the first of our #30WattEncounters with you!


Enters café on hump day, hears high life music; my day? Half made!

I would have loved to be welcomed by smiling attendants but the highlife music worked some magic and I found myself easing into the mood. I settled in and started to review the menu on the chalkboard, there was quite a lot to choose from…

After settling down, I approached the counter and requested a bagel, I was told that they didn’t have any bagels yet so I just asked: “please tell me what you do have” (before my eyes would fall on something else that would be unavailable). I was quite sure that I was having a hot chocolate and asked my attendant to recommend an accompaniment. He recommended a chicken sub sandwich and it was quite good.

I wasn’t told how long it’d take but I didn’t mind too much as I had some time to spare.

The music changed after about 10 minutes and the volume was reduced accordingly.

The level of professionalism was quite laudable, no bickering or personal conversations at work! I would have preferred to see staff wearing gloves while handling my food, though.

The customer loyalty reward system is awesome too; I mean who doesn’t like to receive value for value!

Another tick was the change bit – I got the correct amount of change and promptly too.

I couldn’t finish my sandwich and the attendant was happy to pack it up to go.

The best part was having the staff remember and address me by my name and softly too. He even asked to make sure that he pronounced the name correctly.

Thank you Café Neo, I had a satisfying experience…. I may be back soon (as long as your attendants promise to smile a little more!




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