When you walk into an organization and see a member of  staff dressed formally, what does it say to you? Does it say: ‘Hey, I’m here to reassure you’ or ‘Hey, take me serious’ or maybe this ‘hey, look I am stuck up’.  Whatever option you bob your head to is probably appropriate, depending on the situation.

Suits and ties are usually termed ‘the serious clothes’ and most organizations have adapted this choice of apparel in that it makes the staff look smart and reassures the client. We all know smartness goes beyond the outfit, but let’s take a minute and be totally honest here, if you walk into a bank and the cashier is dressed in ripped jeans, snapback and heavy gold chains like a rapper, what would be your next train of thought?

I’m sure a certain number of African customers will be confused and ask the employer ‘what is going on?’, others may commit the situation to God’s hands and maybe the remaining will pay the employee no mind.

How we dress on different occasions has been a long standing  form of etiquette, it is safe to say that in the corporate world, dressing and looking the part is imperative; it may not mean that you are the most hardworking person but it gives people, especially clients an understanding of what message your organization is trying to convey.

Whatever the form of dressing that is required by your organization, the onus is on you to dress how you will want to be addressed.

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