Today, we are talking about etiquette at service points.

First, we have some bill presenting etiquette tips and they are as follows: When you are presenting the bill, ensure that you do it discreetly and step away from the table until the customer signals for you.

  1. Allow customer’s privacy if they are discussing details of the bill
  2. Keep a reasonable distance from the customer’s table after you have presented the bill especially if they have not indicated that they are ready to attend to the bill
  3. Ensure that you do not take a customers’ debit or credit card out of their sight.
  4. If your business etiquette requires that you step away from the customer to make use of an automated teller machine or a point of sale machine, please let the customer know and obtain their approval before you go ahead and perform the transaction
  5. Ensure that you allow the customer confirm how much you are charging to their cards and ensure that it is the same amount as you have put on the bill you have presented
  6. Always give your customers a receipt
  7. If there are any issues with the bill, it is very important to keep the customer calm and resolve such issues as quickly as possible.

After the bill has been presented and a customer has received their receipts, the attendant’s job may be done. However, the customer may be waiting for some support or to receive his items from the attendant or waiter. Also, the customer may be waiting to receive his/her change.

There is some etiquette to giving customer’s change and they are as follows:

  1. When giving a customer change, ensure that you put it in a bill presenter and walk away
  2. As a service provider, please do not prompt a customer to give you a tip
  3. Please ensure that you give the customer the correct change
  4. If you have difficulty giving a customer the correct change, communicate what issues you may be having with the customer.
  5. Don’t keep customer’s waiting for your response indefinitely
  6. Be apologetic if you need to ask your customer to wait before you can provide their change or bill.
  7. Be apologetic if you present and incorrect bill to the customer
  8. Be patient with customers and be prepared to provide any clarifications about the bill if they have questions
  9. Do not ask for a tip under any circumstances
  10. Customers: please ask for change politely
  11. If you are not allowed to take tips from a customer, thank them and decline politely


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