Communication: You, Me, It, They

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post of the year! We are glad to be back and we promise no more disappearances.

So to the gist of today: Communication

Let’s simply put the definition of communication as the conveyance, exchange or receipt of ideas.

We can agree that it is a tad bit displeasing to have been misunderstood or to have engaged in an attempt at communicating that turned out to be ineffective. So we would be giving a few tips to help ensure that your efforts at communicating are that bit more successful.

It is irrefutable that the process of communication starts with an idea, this idea is usually followed by a consideration of what the best medium of communication would be.

It starts with

  1. The encoder: this is the initiator of the communication process.
  2. An idea: this idea is considered and often becomes a message after it has been scaled down or up to fit the purpose that the initiator had intended.
  3. The message: this is the result of putting an idea into an understandable form by the way of encoding in the form of verbal or non-verbal communication.
  4. The medium: this is the second point of consideration for the encoder because the sender of the message must consider the most effective way to encode his message to ensure that the essence of the message is not lost. He must also consider that the use of an effective medium ensures that the message does not lose its potency
  5. The receiver: the sender usually considers the receiver as an audience and ensures that all the other levels of consideration are made to fit the description of the audience as he understands it
  6. Feedback: this is the tool that helps the sender of any message to measure how effective the communication activity may have been. Feedback also helps the sender of the message decide the next course of action to effect a change in the right direction

There is a world of other entities to be considered in ensuring an effective communication process. Stay glued as we will be bringing more tips and tricks to ensuring that we are able to communicate better.

Please share your thoughts with us and share a post with a friend!

Cheers to a great week!



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